Production technology

CNC 3D wire bending

We provide quality and precision by bending the wire on the CNC 3D centers of the French manufacturer Numalliance. We meet both serial and piece production requirements. We bend stainless steel and steel wires, black, galvanized and coppered from diameter 3 to diameter 14 mm. We are also recently engaged in the bending of strip steel from the coil.

Bending wire by press

Simple shapes can be bent by pressing on eccentric presses. Pressing products are manufactured in our own tool shop.

Wire welding

We weld wires cut to the butt to close the shape (frames, circles), and cross the two wires, such as baskets, mesh, eurohacks, etc.

Surface finishes

At customer’s request, we provide all surface treatments. They are mainly powder paints, technical plastics, chrome, brass, nickel, zinc and even heat treatment.

Wire bending​

Wire welding​

Surface finishes