Machine park

We own modern high quality devices for bending, straightening, welding, stamping and deflection of sheets and wires.

CNC, CNC 3D wire bending

Our machines include AIM and Robomac quality machines for CNC and CNC 3D bending of 2 to 16mm diameter (.08 – .63 “) wires, speeds up to 120 m / min for fast and high-quality multi-wire processing. See example in this video.

Medium frequency resistance welding

We are equipped with CEAWELD machines for butt welding and CEAWELD, BEZ and Nimak machines for spot welding, with a comparison power at 50% DZ 40-100 kVa with a thickness of 65-100mm.


An important equipment of our company is the TiG welder.

Wire straightening

We use the Eurolls machines to straighten wires, which can equal wires of 2 – 10 mm diameter.


We work with presses 10 – 40 tons and presses for sheet metal and meshes.